Friday, 8 March 2013

Something a little bit orc

For some time now I've been building armies with Pendraken's excellent 10mm figures.  Mostly I've stuck to the 40x20mm basing and figure distribution of the old DBx conventions, but, well, 10mm figures just cry out for something a bit 'more'.

I've also been planning to do something with their excellent Fantasy ranges which include some excellent figures.

The third part of this creative triptych has been a set of 'warband' scale homebrewed rules I've been working on, salvaging some concepts from my 'A Very British Civil War rules that crashed under their own weight when we stress tested them to breaking point in terms of their scale.

So...the upshot is that I'm trying something new in terms of basing.  Here's my first trial run with a tester base...

It's about 25 orcs and goblins I had left over from my Hordes of the Things armies, on a 100mm x 50mm base, and adding the Minibits 'dice herder' frame (for casualty marking).

I'm eagerly awaiting a large order from Pendraken to expand this into an army.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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