Sunday, 13 September 2020

Warhammer 40K 9th Edition: Death Guard reinforcements

Here we are in mid to late 2020 and the UK seems about to plunge back into national quarantine because a second wave of Coronavirus Covid 19 looks to be here.

So my long hiatus from actually wargaming looks set to continue, just as Warhammer 40k 9th edition is released.  I'm itching to play of course, but in the meantime I'm continuing the hobby as best I can by building new units for my two armies; the Crimson Fist space marines, and in this case, adding a cohort of daemon engines to my heretic Death Guard army.

Throughout 8th edition of the rules, I ran my Death Guard as the "Poxmongers" faction, but with the recent release of new rules (in the War of the Spider supplement) I'm now able to deploy the Poxmongers with special rules of their own!

I figured therefore that I would expand the options I have for daemon engines, and added eight Myphitic Blighthaulers to the one I already have.  These plague-infested snufflers operate best in units of three, as the poor performance of my lone model in 8th showed.

These fun little models were super easy to build and even easier to paint up, and with two hours of gluing and about eight hours of painting I have a new cadre of Nurgle's servants to take to the field (whenever that may be).

Built and undercoated, they're ready to receive paint.

Basecoats done, I'm here in the process of adding all the fun "grime" with shades and washes.

Mostly done.  Just the technical paints ("Blood for the Blood God") pass to do, and the basing of course.

Finally finished (although the bases are still wet!)

Up close its not the best paintjob, but it does what I need, which is a decent looking force made table-ready quickly.  10 Hours from sprue to done for eight of these?  To quote Marty's Matchbox Makeovers, "I'm happy with that"!

The technical paint (Blood for the Blood God") really looks like congealed blood to me.

Here you can see the foul, infected mass of flesh living at the heart of these diseased living machines.  They carry heavy, tank-busting weapons, emit foul clouds of rotting toxic fumes, and are voraciously hungry.  Don't get too close or their snuffling maws will be on you like a pack of diseased cockroaches!

Overall these were kind of fun to paint, and I'm really looking forwards to fielding them as part of my Death Guard force on the table.  Whenever that may be...

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