Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mordheim: City of the damned - Part 3

Our Mordheim project (part 1, part 2) is continuing and the construction of the terrain continues at a pace.  I've finished the first building, a wizard's tower belonging to 'Nicodemus' (presumably now an absentee landlord!)  

The gate to his yard has been shattered by a falling warpstone shard.

The tower itself remains intact, together with its dirt-streaked copper roof; presumably an architectural feature that enhanced the occupant's magical activities.

Here's the second structure.  Bit of a collaborative build this one - we all got together for a kick-off session and put this together over jollity and discussions about what else needed doing.  Its sort of a fortified town house, or perhaps an inn.

I've also picked up some GW fantasy buildings to help things along a bit; namely the Deathnell Watch, the Garden of Morr, and the Dreadfire Portal and Eternity Stair.


  1. They Look fantastic well done.

  2. Ah, Nicodemus! I was wondering why the banner said Nil Emus and had a 5 pointed star on it.