Saturday, 30 May 2020

Lord of the Rings

A good Saturday morning spent bashing away at and trying to sort out the Lead Mountain, and temporarily lacking 100mm x 50mm bases to continue with the Warband armies, I've decided to dive into the Lord of the Rings 28mm figures I have.  

These have been knocking about for a good while, and aside from a few boxes, I've also acquired some "pre-owned" figures over the years.  I'm sure I have more buried up there some where but these'll do for a start.

Now I was planning to do these as 28mm Warband armies, using the Lord of the Rings army lists.  But I think instead I'll base and use them as they are intended, as individual figures.  I'll likely look to use Dan Mersey's excellent Dragon Rampant rules if they ever hit my table.

Edit: A little progress.

I started with some (38) of the Rohan figures in the pile, painting them close to the "on the box" colours.

There are about another 20 to go, and then I have a new box of 24 other infantry.

The rest of the box looks like a mix of elves, men of Minas Tirith, a few dwarves and a a small number of orcs and goblins.

Looking at these figures close up while painting them, they are surprisingly poor quality for Games Workshop.  they have very simple shapes and forms, with a lot of poor, flat features, bad mouldlines, flash and other issues.  They look like cheap platic miniatures, rather than the amazing quality I've come to expect Games Workshop's products.

More to follow...

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