Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What's in the box?

So this weekend I acquired a box of figures for about £10 and found some interesting things in there.

A couple of tubs containing 20 Games Workshop Tyranid Genestealers!  I like these models, and I already have a project in mind for which these will come in very handy.

There's also a bunch of bits and bobs.

Not sure what these sci fi tanks are or who makes them.  Also I'm not sure what I'll use them for (if anything), but they're very nice.

These I will find a use for though.  Not sure what they are, but they're hard plastic gribblies which will, I suspect, make it onto a Warband base or two.

And languishing in the bottom of the box, a bit of a score!  Some historical figures.  Now there are clearly Iron Age figures and on first glance I assumed they are Gauls.

On closer inspection though...not sure.  These are clearly 'true' 28mm figures, but I'm not yet sure of the manufacturer.  I suspect there are figures from various ranges here.  

21 riders.  Gauls?  Picts?  Germans?  Does it matter?

A mix of archers and one crossbowman.  the crossbow makes me think picts, but these look more like Germans to me.

A few of the figures have a 'Suebian knot'  hairstyle, which backs up the 'German' view.  

Some casualties.  'Dying Gauls'?  Not with a Suebian knot...

Shields.  Hmm...the mix of round, square, and 'H' shields remind me of Picts. 

Some commanders.

Looking distinctly 'Roman foederati'?

A bunch of cloaked spearmen which remind me of the Scandinavian 'Gerum' cloak but could equally be Pictish?

I don't know.  Overall, these generally feel Germanic to me.  What do you think?

EDIT: They're Wargames Foundry Picts.

Of course I could just use them as Dunlendings for Lord of the Rings.  Hehe...

However, with Warband historical under development, Dux Bellorum, and a couple of other historical options available, I'll have to have a good think about what to use these for.


  1. Wargames Foundry by the looks of them. Definitely Ancient German and Pict figures. Maybe a few other bits. Foundry retail at £2 a foot figure alone, so you've definitely got a great deal for yourself.

    Roy @ http://nevermindthejankers.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Cheers Roy, they do look Foundry-esque.

  2. Nice Haul, I noticed a couple RAFM fantasy figures in that mix, the Hydra snake & treeguys

  3. The tanks are Brigade Models 6mm Eurofed figures