Sunday, 13 September 2015

Warband: Red mountain Hill Dwarves (part 3)

I've not been painting much lately as I've had a few other irons in the fire.  But with some of that pushed out the way now, I've picked up the Red mountain hill dwarf army I'm painting for Warband.

Actually I now have about 6 different army starter packs backed up on the paint table for Warband, so I really need to get a move on with these.  

I decided to pick off some of the easier and less 'figures-heavy' units to make some encouraging progress and here's the results so far.

OH, before I do, I'll say something about the figures.  These are of course 10mm hill dwarves from Pendraken and the more I paint them the more I like them.  These dwarf figures really are wonderful.  Full of character, beautifully sculpted and cast; I can't recommend them highly enough.

The warband as a whole so far.  

1 Commander (Red Mountain king)
1 Archers (with shieldwall)
1 Magic user
2 Artillery 
2 Rangers
1 Noble riders
1 Gyrocopters

The magic users.  The basing is still wet so the PVA is still white.  I've modelled a council engaged in summoning some boulder elementals.  The poles I'd intended to put flags on but I might just leave them as they are.

Next up, some rangers.  These are skirmishers so I put only nine figures on the base.  I also painted them in a sore of green camouflage coat as i figure they'll be blending into the surroundings as they range about on scouting missions.

The cat took an interest at this point...

Next up, the artillery.  I wanted gunpowder weapons, and had some older Pendraken cannons in my Hordes of the Things armies.  I took these out and mixed them into Pendraken's updated but smaller artillery pieces.  I felt, the hill dwarf crew would entrench themselves a bit, and lacking any 10mm gabions, I chopped up a lollypop stick and a couple of barbecue sticks to make some impromptu field defences.

The crews are dressed in gray and black, as I figured they'd wear dark clothes to hide the soot stains.

Oh, and I had some figures with arquebuses so I used these defenders and guards manning the wooden field palisades.

Cue stirring Dambusters music!  Here come the gyrocopters.  I've painted these in a simple wood and bronze livery, accented with a splash of red here and there.  I enhanced the models with some nose-cannons.  These are actually artillery pieces from Pendraken's Boer War range, and I like that they're thin and light looking compared to the dwarves.  They look like like, pin-point cannons.

The dwarf cavalry is up last and I game them a simple red livery.  I've not done the banner yet though.

Still four or five units to finish; a couple of archers units, some warriors, and I think I have some figures suitable for a berserkers unit.

Should be too long to finish and then it's on to the next army.  Goblins or Taurians I think...or undead...decisions, decisions...


  1. They look brilliant, you don't get enough comments on such good work. Also a great look at Pendraken toys in general - they need more photos like this to promote their stuff. You make me want to embrace 10mm - must must must finish my 28s first!

    1. Thanks Ragsta. :) Take the dive into 10mm, you won't regret it.

  2. Now these look fantastic!!!!! Especially love the Dwark cannon stands

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  4. Awesome job! Most impressive units (details are amazing), and fantastic bases as well!