Wednesday, 30 September 2015


The latest game on my radar is Osprey's Frostgrave, a skirmish game set in a magical frozen city.

I'm steadily gathering and painting some figures and will probably sort out some terrain too.  I considered purchasing some 'official' figures, but before I did I went rooting about in my bits boxes to see what I could rustle up and its safe to say I found some (in some cases very) old figures that I thought would be quite good.  Here's the result.

The collection so far.  Lots of options!

I'm planning a Necromancer coterie first and here's the man himself.  This is a bit of a kit-bash using an old Games Workshop Necromunda figure with the gun removed and replaced with a staff (made from a Games Workshop High Elf banner and a skull).  He appears to be a bit of a firebrand!

The Necromancer's apprentice.  This is another simple conversion, using the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings figure for Grima Wormtongue.  I simply drilled through the model to make room for a staff (brass rod topped with skull).
I like this figure.

This chap will do for a soldier or maybe a knight or something.  This is an old Citadel miniature from back in the 1980's/1990's.  Its a model from the Lone Wolf range Citadel did back then, based on the Lone Wolf Books by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk.  I've a feeling this was a 'Summerlund Knight' or something?

I think this chap is from the same range.

He looks like this Gary Chalk drawing.

Aha!  One of my favourite Citadel/GW models of all time!  I've had this model for a very long time and never found a use for him.  This is from when GW dwarves were some of the best most characterful figures (unlike the modern horrors).
I think he'll make a good barbarian!

I'm not sure where this figure came from.  Grenadier maybe?  He's quite small and is obviously a monk of some sort.  I thought he'd make a good apothecary.  I tried to paint him to look like he'd suffered some sort of disease...but it just looks like a rough paintjob close up!.  Hehe...

I think this one was some sort of 'special character' (maybe a limited edition?) for Games Workshop's disconinued and excellent Mordheim skirmish game.  Black and red seems the only way to go for him.  I tried to put a bit of a pattern on the inside of his cloak.

Ah, now...this one's interesting.  It's GW again but this is from their original Lord of the Rings range that they produced back in the late 1980's/early 1990's i think.  This is Strider (Aragorn).  He came in a pack with a mounted version of him two, but i haven't painted it because, a) Frostgrave doesn't have rules for mounted warriors, and b) I already cannibalised that figure for something else.  
He was crying out for a muted 'forest camo' paintscheme.

Note sure who made this figure, but its a gnoll.  From the 'plastic shield on metal knob' design, I'd say that's a 1990's Games Workshop thing?  Makes a decent Frostgrave archer I think.

Manufacturer?  No idea.  Grenadier again maybe?  Not sure what it's supposed to be either, but it looks suitable rough and mercenary - the sort of monster that would hire itself out to a Necromancer to go searching some long-lost ruins.

Yeah.  GW modern plastic skeleton.  How far their models have fallen?  Still, I had it in the bottom of a box I recently acquired so it's found a use.

OK, so...these wonderful little fellows are 'Giaks', the Lone Wolf setting's version of goblins/orcs.  Lovely little sculpts I think.  They'll make great thieves and thugs for Frostgrave.

Added a plastic shield...

Not sure about where these two came from, but they're jolly characterful goblin types so they'll go into the 'thug' pool.

And these last two are anybody's guess!  

This one will be used either as a summoned imp or small construct.  It is actually poorly cast with minimal feature definition, so I tried to paint it to look like it was sill forming and sort of dripping wet with blood and magical juices!

And this little thing is clearly an imp!  Again it's badly cast.

So, that's a start to the Frostgrave thing.  Next I'll need some treasure tokens, animals and wandering monsters, and of course some terrain!


  1. I said it on LAF but I'll say it again...great stuff! And I love the Necromancer!

  2. Excellent conversions. I've also started looking into this system thanks to folks like Tim in Saskatoon. I am a big Mordheim fan so swapping figures from that range will also work well. So many figures unpainted from my D&D days so like you will have a lot of options.

  3. You've assembled a top shelf warband from your own collection, excellently done!

    Some old friends there, notably 'Aenur, the Sword of Twilight', the Elven swordsman from Mordheim (one of the best sculpts in the game for my money), and I think I recognise a bugbear from the old Grenadier D&D range. The Redemptionist Priest from Necromunda makes an excellent Necromancer as well!

    Finally, full marks for the 'ick' factor on that homunculus/small construct - let's just say that it doesn't look like it's been cobbled together from wood or metal. Your paint job works extremely effectively with the lack of definition on the fig.

    I'll be watching for further developments with interest!

    1. Cheers Evan. Normally on a project I plan and purchase afresh. It was fun rooting through the old stock and figuring out stuff that might work.

      It's all early stages yet but hopefully I'll be able to drum up some interest in a couple of my groups.

  4. So really nice work there, a lot of people seem to be having fun with "Frostgrave" building up warbands and such, I've been taking a slightly different approach to my warband, converting, stuff I already have, Myself and a couple of other bloggers are going to paint them up next month, you can see some of my efforts here...

    I do love that "fleshy" construct of yours, and some other classic figures there, sir.

    Cheers Roger.