Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mordheim: City of the damned - Part 2

The project rolls on and after a weekend of feverish painting and terrain building we're making progress on the road to kicking off the campaign.  

We now have our final four warbands set to go.

Iz-Nibbs Eshin Gutter Cutters (Me)
Leader (Iz-Nibbs) - dagger, sword, brace of pistols
Sorcerer (Siniss-Terk) - dagger, club, sling (uh...the 'swarm of rats' spell 2d6 S1 hits)
2x Black rats - dagger, fighting blades
2x Gutter runners - dagger, club, sling
4x Verminkin - dagger, club, sling

Lizardmen (Sam)
Skink priest with spear 
Totem warrior sith shield and club 
2x skink great crests with shield club and shortbow
3x saurus with shield and club
4x skinks with shield club and shortbow

Mundo's Madcaps - Forest Goblins (Ben)
Cheiftan - Halberd
Shaman - Spear
Brave - Sword
Brave - Spear
Brave - Shortbow
Brave - Shortbow, Sword
5x Goblins - Spears, Bows
5x Goblins - Spears, Bows

Black orcs (Richy)
Black Orc Big Boss w/ sword, axe, dagger, and shield
2 Black Orcs w/ axe, dagger and shield
2 Youn 'uns / axe, dagger and shield, one with Black Orc Blood
2 Orc Boys w/ axe and dagger
2 Nuttaz w/ great weapon and dagger

Its going to be a real hard tournament, with some excellent players and very different warbands.  The Lizardmen and Black orcs are brutal melee crews, whereas the goblins and my skaven will have to use their wits and archery to good effect.  

Can't wait to kick off!

However, before that can happen we have the terrain to build.  There's a fair few fences and walls built and a couple of buildings too, including this one i put together today - a wizard's tower that has suffered a hit in the devastation that ruined Mordheim.

As you can see it's constructed basically from junk, paper, card, some old cork and other bits and bobs i had lying about.

Obviously it'll look a lot better when its painted!

EDIT: The first rough colours go on.  These are just the base colours so far.  The wood parts will be either black or brown.  the rooves?  I'm not sure yet, but i think a sort of blue slate grey is likely.  I was thinking about maybe red slate, but i think that will jar too much with the overall colour tone.

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