Friday, 11 July 2014

Ronin - Samurai Buntai

Things are busy in my wargaming world at the moment; i'm feverishly building terrain for a Mordheim campaign, looking at the possibility of getting back into fantasy gaming with either Mantic's Kings of War or Games Workshop's Fantasy Battle.  I'm also working on a project with Pendraken miniatures which is taking a lot of time.  And then there's the roleplaying and board games...

However, not content with all that, i'm also involved in a campaign using Osprey's Ronin rules; and this morning my little Japanese dudes turned up in the mail!

There are many options for figures out there, but i chose to go with the Perry range, as they make consistently good quality figures, both in terms of casting and sculpts.  I overdid the order a bit, getting four packs, when two would probably have done, mainly as i like to have options for skirmish games like this.

So, to the initial unboxing.

Perry always send their metals in little jewelry boxes like this.

First impressions: some flash and a bit of deformation, but nothing too serious.  As usual, exceptionally crisp quality detail, and good dynamic figures.  Can't wait to get painting!

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  1. I've had some samurai miniatures that I bought a long time ago, and I was never sure what range they were from, but they came in those little boxes, so they must be Perry. Thanks for the post, it has put one question to rest.

    They are lovely minis too!