Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mordheim: City of the Damned.

It's funny how these things happen.  After a bit of a hiatus from wargaming (actually I've been working on a major project that should come to fruition this October), i'm diving back into the murky pond with gusto.

One of my groups has just finished a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying campaign and we've been boardgaming for a few weeks as a break ahead of the next campaign (Iron Kingdoms).  Anyway, we've been knocking around the idea of doing a skirmish game for a while.  'What about Mordheim?' Someone says.  'Aye, we could', someone else agrees.  And that's how these things happen!

Next evening I go digging through the darker corners of my plastic mountain, and lo and behold a battered box of Skaven emerge (i'd always wanted to do an army of these but never quite got round to it, before ditching Warhammer Fantasy Battles as a bad job).  

They'll do, I think; and three hours of kitbashing, and painting later, I give you my Mordheim warband: Iz-Nibbz Eshin Gutter Cutters.

Not much to look at i'll grant you but they'll do their duty.

Here's Iz-Nibbs, well armed with a manky sword and a warplock pistol.

He's accompanied by his trusty (as trusty as the rat-kin get anyway) sidekick, the sorcerer Siniss-Terk.

Their band has a couple of Black Skaven armed with fighting claws crudely strapped on where their amputated hands used to be, to led some much needed brawn to the proceedings, and also a couple of gutter runners (not shown).

Packing out the ranks are a bunch of wretched vermin-kin, armed with clubs and slings.

They're up against some tough opposition too; Carnival of Chaos, Lizardmen, and either Dwarfs or Orcs.  Should be a lot of fun!

One thing Games Workshop have done well is produce an excellent skirmish rule set, and I've had many pleasurable hours playing various incarnations, including Necromunda, and the brilliant Legends of the Old West.  This will be my first foray into the chaos of the Damned City.

Next up...bash together some terrain from the junk in the recycling box...

I'll try and keep you updated as the campaign progresses.

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