Sunday, 21 October 2012

In the grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only Mad Max meets Judge Dredd, or...Adventures in the Underhive III. Painting - Part II.

I've had a busy few weeks so haven't been painting much lately but I have made a bit of progress on the Necromunda gang.

The banner bearer is coming along nicely.  I've gone with a blue serpent motif for the gang's totem which has gone pretty well.  The serpent's head however is obscured behind the skulls which is a shame.  

Moving on, the heavy stubber chap is done.  He's wearing the blue gang colours over ragged thick coat that I imagine being some sort of industrial protective clothing.  Perhaps this chap once worked in a manufactory shut down by a hive quake.

With the 'sniper' chap I've toned him down completely.  There's very little blue or other colours and he's in a sort of urban camouflage get up over a brown industrial coat.  He's designed to blend into the filth of the underhive.

Next up is a similar chap with a scoped lasgun.  He's a good example of the battered, underhive scum look I'm going for.  His blue armoured carapace is scraped and bashed as well as rusted out and I've painted his military webbing kit as a mix of pouches cobbled together from various sources.  I really quite like this model, and I gave him a rusty yellow pauldron to tie him in with the flamer chaps (see below).

I took a bit of time with the flamer armed ganger and he's actually got a lot of layered colour on him with brown and blue robes meshed over one another.  The flamer itself is simply washed, and those washes are blended around the nozzle with brown and black inks to give the impression of burned metal.

I imagined this flamer has been jury rigged together from industrial parts and for the fuel tanks I decided they'd likely be pressure tanks that contained some toxic chemicals or high pressure gas or some such.  Therefore I painted them a sort of industrial yellow but stained with rust and battered from being reclaimed from a garbage pile.

I think he'd be someone you'd seriously want to avoid meeting down a cramped underhive tunnel!

More to follow....

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