Monday, 22 October 2012

Dulce et decorum est... Weird World War One: The Hun get some heavy armour

Developing my 10mm WWWI Germans a bit further I dug out some old plastic models I've had on the shelf for a few years but never really knew what to do with.

These are Pegasus Hobbies 'Jaguarundi' tanks, which I modified with some old Games Workshop Eldar spares to beef up the guns a bit.  These will form weird 'mega tanks' like slow moving fortresses as they are 1/72nd scale models and tower over the 10mm German infantry.

For the first one I've gone with a dazzle style WWI camo scheme.

It's not finished yet, and to be honest I'm not sure I like it.  I'd planned to make the WWI Germans 'monotone' with predominantly black, grey, white/sliver, and red as their unifying colour scheme.

I have three more of these tanks to do so I may paint them up in simple grey and ditch this one.

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  1. Never been a fan of that bizarre 'stormtrooper' camo myself, but once you've finished basing it, with a bit of gravel and grass etc it may look the biz. Amazing how much basing a model makes even the most 'odd' paintjob come to life :-)