Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dulce et decorum est... Weird World War One: The Hun

Inspired by Mr Olivant's work I've begun a slow burner project for my own 'Weird World War One' forces and I've started things off with the basic troops for the Germans.

I've used Pendraken's excellent 10mm WWI Early Germans as the basic troops and I purchased one of their army packs to get a good mix of troop types and this pack has allowed me to put together:

3 Commanders

Here I've mixed together the mounted leader figures with infantry to represent their staff and guards.

3 HMGs

These appear to be wearing the shako rather than picklehaub, but no worries.  At 10mm on the tabletop such details are easily overlooked!

6 Cavalry

The cavalry are Uhlan lancers and I've based them in two's on the standard 30x30mm bases I'm using for this project.  This is a departure from my usual 40x20mm basing.  Although this format is pretty much a standard across many war games rules now, and I've used them extensively, with 10mm figures I've become less convinced by them.  The formations of these WWWI figures are not 'linear' and so it makes more sense I think to present them on square bases that better visualise skirmishing fighters, rather than a linear frontage better shown by 40x20mm.

3 Field guns

These appear to be the famous 77mm field gun used to great effect in the real Great War, however, you'll note that I've glued the shield plating on the wrong way round!  D'oh!  Never mind - this is 'weird' after all.  I decided to go with a camouflage scheme rather a flat grey, and frankly I'm not sure about it.  Certainly at arm's length the detail is mostly invisible.  However, it looks OK up close so I'll probably carry the paint scheme over to some of the weirder elements of the army, when I sort them out.

21 Infantry

I'm actually unsure precisely what rules I'll be using when these figures finally hit the tabletop, but with 21 bases, that means I can form seven 'units' of three bases each.

The uniform colour I settled on is similar to the historical colours, but with a bit of a 'weird' twist.  

Picklehaub = black with silver spike (Uhlans with canvas covers)
Tunic = light grey with red epaulettes and cuffs
Webbing / kit = black
Trousers = dark grey
Boots = black

I've got the basic British forces to complete (again using a Pendraken army pack) and then I'll be sorting out the 'weird' elements of both armies.

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