Monday, 11 November 2019

Gaslands: Mortar truck

Here's my latest effort for a vehicle to use with the Gaslands rules.

The donor vehicle is a Hot Wheels "Chevy Nomad", and interestingly, the version I bought had a stock paintjob that tried to mimic a rusty, beaten-up looking car.

I glued some bits and bobs on to make it combat-ready for the arena, and threw a bit of paint on.

I figured, given the space in the back of this vehicle that it would have room for a substantial weapon system and so I gave it a mortar (that could double of a variety of other weapons if needed).  The rear of the vehicle is sloped and so I tried to angle the mortar to copy that slope and maintain the profile of the donor vehicle.

As with all these vehicles, they need a bit of improvised armour, but with this one I limited it to the windows, and a couple of scraps wrapped eslewhere.

Another one done.

"Boom" indeed! 

Much of the original vehicle survives intact, including the grill and headlights.

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