Friday, 12 February 2016

Mahdist War 1888, or Battle of the River Bank - Part 2

Following on from our first week of gaming in the Sudan, we kicked off this week where we left off, and the Madhists had the impetus.

On the inland flank, The Ansar fanatics forgot they were carrying firearms and followed the Hadendoa into the teeth of the British gunline.

The British however had different ideas, and with the application of some closing fire and a bit of cold steel which the Fuzzys really did not appreciate, the Mahdist attack was halted like a wave on the shore.  the Hadendoa fell back shaken.  

OK...that didn't work.  Any other ideas?
The Ansar however, being somewhat more fanatical, stood their ground and matched the British in a swirling melee.  Both sides fought viciously hard, and inflicted terrible casualties.  The Ansar faith kept them in the fight and the British pluck did too, until finally, the British line broke!

Luckily however, the British have reserves...

While all this is going on, over near the river, the Mahdists also press their advantage.  Having broken the Scots on the hill, and driven off the Egyptian troops, the Ansar storm forwards to try to break the British centre.

The Gatling gun jams!  

And is quickly overrun and destroyed, leaving the British general in a somewhat tricky position!

Things are looking hopeful for the Mahdists, and the British morale begins to waver.  The battle isn't done yet though, and on the inland flank, the British reserves form line and pour devastating fire into the near exhausted Ansar.  They are shaken, and finally break.

Front rank!  FIRE!!  Reload...
The battle momentum finally switches in the British favour.  The Ansar throw the last of their strength up the hill in an attempt to break the Egyptians, and try to flank the remaining British forces.

They succeed in forcing the Egyptians back off the hill, and finally getting their artillery deployed, break the Egyptians, who flee the field.


It was a desperate last gasp though and as the Ansar concentrate on the Egyptians, the British swing their line round to form a solid wall of fire.

The game was up!  The British had resisted the Mahdist assault and driven them off.  The flight was unstoppable...


The objective remained in British hands.

I say chaps, can you hear somethi...good LORD!  Look at all those Fuzzys!!  I wonder what they want?
A thrilling game and great fun was had by all.  For a sweeping epic of a game, Black Powder is a great set of rules.  Fast, simple, satisfying to play.  I highly recommend them.

I suspect we'll be playing these a fair bit over the next month or two.  We've also picked up Hail Caesar...


  1. hi,
    great game, looked like alot of fun to play! :-)

  2. Fab stuff!!! I managed to just about stay in my 'proper' place at the Haggis Rampant table! Didn't get the view any of the climax of the game- are you playing next week? I should have a wee bit of time for some pics.


  3. Hi Darrell, aye, it was good fun. We'll be doing something next week but not sure what. I may put my 10mm British and Prussian forces on the table in an 'ImagiNation' battle.

  4. Quite the close-fought action! Nice scenery and figures.

  5. Great batrep. Thanks for that. Just like reading the paper on a Saturday morning.

  6. must have been quite a battle! WONDERFUL... I will try to "copy" it someday

  7. must have been quite a battle! WONDERFUL... I will try to "copy" it someday