Thursday, 4 June 2015


I've been playing a fair bit of FFG's excellent X-Wing game lately and so tonight, we decided to do a 100pt game.

I took the Rebels, led by Luke Skywalker, and my erstwhile opponent Bob, took a swarm of TIEs led by Luke's father Darth Vader.

We set up, both taking a split force with two 'flanks' established.

As the Imperials advanced cautiously, they rolled out further onto the flanks, to look for openings.

The two forces advance on each other.

And my cunning plan begins, with my two flanks sweeping in on a crossover move.

On the left flank, the Y-Wings cut across the TIEs, target locking them.

On the right flank, Skywalker leads a rookie in towards Vader's ship on the other flank.

The Imperials move to meet the Rebel moves.  

And the grand sweep begins to go wrong.  As the ships engage, the Rebel pilots panick and lose focus, abandoning their sweeping move to try to mix it up with the more manoeuvrable TIEs.  A bad idea... 

The first casualty falls, hit from two directions and blasted to pieces.

Tied up and unable to get free of the TIE swarm, the Rebel pilots are stessed and have to push their ships to the limit to avoid lethal collisions...

All the while taking Imperial fire from every direction.  Its not long before the second Y-Wing bursts into a fireball.

Immediately followed by the rookie X-Wing pilot.

Oh dear... 

His comrades obliterated, Luke manages to break free of the melee unharmed, and K-Turns back into the fray, intent on destroying Vader.

Hope still burns in his heart and the first TIE is blown out of the black.

Vader marshalls his underlings to try to take down this Rebel scum.

Luke scythes through the swarm...but his shields are stripped off...

And then, Skywalker brings down the second TIE, before swepping back round for another attack run.

But Vader is just toying with the young pilot, and has arranged a lethal pursuit to flush the Rebel into Vader's sights.

And with a ruthless efficiency befitting a Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Vader kills his son.

Another great game of X-Wing where I exhibited a woeful series of moves to get caught in the middle of a TIE swarm.

Great fun though and Bob won a well deserved victory.

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  1. Very, very good batrep, love the photos. NB: Never split your forces, attack on mass!