Sunday, 8 April 2018

Warband 28mm - Dragon

Among the other projects on the go at the moment, I'm embarking on a couple of 28mm armies for the Warband Fantasy rules.

I have a fair amount of suitable figures in boxes or languishing about in bare plastic, so I figured I should put them to good use.

I've started with a dragon because...well...why not?!

The fine fellow below is actually from an old Games Workshop boardgame called Talisman.  

Found here:

He was in pieces in a bits box so I rescued him, glued the broken bits together, slapped on some liquid green stuff to cover the gaps, and finished it off with a bit of paint.

I went for a green colour as it means he'll fit easily with various Warband armies (Dragon Men, Wood Elves, etc.).

The business end of "El Draco".  I toyed with a green tongue but I'm pleased I went with red.

The base isn't done yeat of course, but here he is in profile.  Basing up for Warband means he'll be in a 120mm x 60mm base so i'll dig out some terrain to add to it.  Not sure what yet.

I tried for a sort of leathery look on the wings.  I think they came out OK.
Next will be some old GW Brettonian knights that I've had for years, and I think the first army I'll do is a Dragon Men force.  

I'm planning to do an Undead army to oppose it but nothing's set in stone yet.  It depends what I've got in my stores as I don't want to buy too much for this.

Star Wars Legion was released recently and I'm planning to spend a bit on that, so...

Still, a good start with the dragon I think.

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