Thursday, 29 March 2018

L'Art de la Guerre - DWG Tournament Battle 2

At Durham Wargames Group (DWG) this year we're doing a club ADLG tournament and tonight I played my second battle against Bob.

Our tournament is as follows:

200pts armies
Single player
Any army 500BC - 500AD.

I'd planned to take a diadochi army but didn't get my act together to sort out a list, so I took my Tamils again, this time against Bob's venerable Early Carthaginian army.  

The diadochi armies are seeing a lot of table time at the moment with two in the fight tonight.  But onto my game.  Bob inevitably won the initiative, elected to attack in the plains so I was on the defensive again.  I didn't get either a waterway or village, so took a couple of fields and a hill in the hopes of closing down the flanks.  Bob laid down some plantations and failed to move or remove any of the terrain so we deployed ready for the fight.

Surprisingly I was wider than the Carthaginians and my medium impetuous swordsmen clustered around the elephants as they faced off against the wall of African spearmen and chariots.

There was nothing subtle about either of our armies and Bob and I discussed just how quickly this would be all over!

The Carthaginian light cavalry took hail of javelins and decided to retire before things got too bad.

And the lines closed in...

And very quickly we were into the big fight.  The impact went very badly for the Carthaginians, and the swordsmen and elephants of the Tamils with their "furious charge" battered the African line.

In the first impact of the game, things were pretty much decided and I think both Bob and I knew the battle was only going one way from here.  However, one of the joys of ADLG is that "it ain't over till its over", and so things could still recover for Carthage.

Two more turns of melee saw Carthage recover some pride and punch holes across the line in the grinding fight.

But it wasn't enough and in about an hour of a 2.5hr game, the Carthaginians broke.

It was a simple, direct, and unsubtle battle that saw two mighty lines clash in a frontal rumble, and the Tamils came out winners.

Final scores:

Carthage lost 24 out of 24 points
Tamils lost 14 out of 25 points

Out campaign is posted on the DWG website here.


  1. 6 elephants in 200point list, wow!

    I don't think you can take a steep hill in the plains. All plains terrain are rough, and not difficult.

    1. The Tamils are pretty much elephants with supports. :)

  2. Nice. Short, sharp and to the point. Very enjoyable. Thanks.