Friday, 15 September 2017

Legends of the Old West - High Noon and Open Range

This evening we played the latest set of clashes in our Legends of the Old West revival, and some fun and boisterous games were had.  

I took Ma Parker's kinfolk into battle once more, and in the first game we faced Graeme's new Lawmen (Graeme having retired his last posse after a brutal couple of engagements).

We rolled up the High Noon scenario and so Ma Parker was looking to clear out these danged Lawmen from the town.  It was a simple fight to the death.

"OK boys, lets give them ornery ranchers a whole passel 'o trouble."

"Listen up kin, them lawdogs got to go.  Give 'em hell".

With High Noon, we're fighting along a narrow street, so we set up hiding from each other behind the buildings.

I set up on the left flank intending to hop down the front and back of those buildings, and Graeme was doing the same.

Elijah Parker set out alone down the right hand of the street, intending to set up near the corral and offer up some rifle fire with his Winchester.

The first clashes took place in the narrow confines of the back alley with .45 slugs and buckshot smashing the fences into splinters.

Meanwhile, out in the street nearby, the cowboys and lawmen faced off, and after a tense standoff, began blazing away from close range.

Lady Day was shot down and the fighting moved out of the alleys and into the street.

The lawmen were being shot down and the surviving heroes took to pistol-whipping the cowboys.

Used to rough high plains saloons, the cowboys put up a good fight and got the better of the tin stars in the fisticuffs.

Elijah Parker in particular took down the lawmen, forcing their gunfighter "The Kid" to step in.

In the end though, the lawmen lost their nerve and headed for the hills, leaving Ma Parker to pick up her wounded.

Sadly after the battle, Ma's boy Elijah, beaten down by The Kid, and Dapper Dan Teague died of their wounds!

"Its no good Ma!  The got me fer sure this time..."

So I won, but the posse took a beating losing two Buckeroos. I managed to scrap enough cash together to buy a replacement, and Mexican Bob was a "kid done good" and became a hero!

So onto the next battle, and I took on Bob's undefeated cowboys posse.  We diced and predictably got "Open Range". 

This is an interesting scenario that favours posses with horses and rifles.  Its also a good scenario to try to make a bit of extra cash.  Basically were after the cattle!

We set up six cattle each so I put six by the fence and Bob put six as far back as he could.  Bos gets bonus money for keeping cattle on the table, and I get bonuses for herding them off the table.

Ma Parker's kin line up to make a dash for the cattle.

Bob's cowboys trickle on, hearing there's trouble out by fence.

The posses square off with the cows in between, as Ma and her boys head up to break the fences down and get at the precious beef herd.

Bob's cowpokes open fire, a little too close to the cows and the wee beasties get spooked stampede!  

Lucky for us, one cow stampedes into the fence, smashing it down!

So I exploited the opportunity and herded the cattle out of their enclosure.  the battle turned into a chase, we Ma's Kinfolk slapping those cattle out. 

As we retreated, Bob's rifles began to take their toll, and my losses mounted.  But I did manage to get the cows off, and at that point I voluntarily headed for the hills, losing the game but saving further casualties.  Technically a loss for me.

After the battle though, more losses, including the disaster of Lady Day being shot down and captured.  She survived and was taken into town to be brought before Judge Ulysses "Old rope" Moneyfor, a known hanging judge.

With a short trial, Judge Moneyfor sentenced the good Lady to hang for her part in the cattle rustling.

And so with my losses taking me to 5 fighters, I think its time for Ma Parker to mosey on to another town and for me to start a new posse.

All told another great evening's fun with an excellent set of rules.

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