Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Vapnartak 2015

Sunday 1st February 2015, my wife and I headed down to York racecourse for the first show of our year, Vapnartak.

Things didn't get off to a good start as on the door, the chap stared at me and said (referring to my wife), 'is this a hanger-on?  Hangers-on get in free'.


OK then.

My beloved is a gamer and can out-geek me.

Glossing over the pretty poor 1970's offence we both paid and headed in.

OK, so, we took a few pictures (actually my wife took them as my shaky old hands just snap a bunch of blurred rubbish).

Amazingly there appeared to be a Malifaux tournament underway.  Some interesting looking battlefields and battles on the tables.

Spread over four floors, York racecourse is a great venue offering lots of space for some jolly nice display games.

My wife was particularly taken with the new wave of laser-cut mdf buildings out on the market nowadays.  These offerings are from Sarissa.

The good lady herself indulging in another pack of Magic tG cards to whoop me with (figuratively of course).  The first of our cards from the Fate Reforged expansion.

An overview of the very good, but severely over-pressured cafe on site.

The only reenactors I saw there.  They seemed a bit subdued, but their kit was very impressive - including some evidently sharp swords.  I didn't catch the name of their group either...

My dearest is an utter Whovian, so gravitated almost immediately to the Daleks.

The book says Saga but this is the very good little game - Jugula.  Essentially a gladiators card game with minis on a board to track progress.  I was tempted...but have too many other projects on the go at the moment.

 An exceptionally impressive display.

And of course, who could fail to like a Shaun of the Dead display game?

...complete with a Gruffalo, apparently...

And of course, my rules make their debut on the Pendraken stand.

We headed home exhausted and with our wallets emptied...and having picked up a printed copy I surveyed their magnificence!

Oohh...shiny QRS!  

All told, aside from the sexist hiccup at the start, a great day out at one of the UK's leading wargames shows.


  1. I am sorry that the door staff came across as old fashioned (it could have been me). Many of the partners that came in to the show were being dragged by their other halves. In that case we decided not to ask them to pay entry to go around a show that didnt interest them. This met with a very positive reaction.
    posting as anonymous but I am Nathan from YWGS

    The question is tricky to get right and can (as here) run the risk of being seen to be out dated. That wasnt our intent, To promote the hobby and to get new players in we have to make it attractive to families. Saving a family some money to come in seems to be a good way to start

  2. Your response is most welcome Nathan. I doubt it was meant in anything but jest and my better half laughed it off saying, 'its just what happens when you're a girl at these things'. Thank you sir. We had a great day none the less and YWGS should be rightly proud of the amazing job you do each year.