Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bolt Action Russians: Part 2 - the cavalry arrives!

With the 'core force' done I'm steadily building up and trying out various options.  Reading through the rules, army lists, and with a few practice games under my belt, the effectiveness of close assault has become quite evident.

My core force: this has turned out to be a highly successful 1000pt build so far.  Aggressive, flexible, and able to achieve most objectives in most of the scenarios.

So the possibilities of cavalry look quite appealing.  I put an order in to Copplestone, whose figures are pretty much exceptional quality across all their ranges.  From their Back of Beyond range I ordered two packs of White Russian Cossacks and a pack of White Russian Cossack Standard Bearers.

When they arrived however, the standard bearers were missing and a pack of Caucasian Cossack Cavalry were included instead.

The erroneous Caucasians lurking in the box.

Bob loves this wheat-based packing material for some reason.  She's not happy that we stop her from eating it though.

So I emailed Copplestone to raise the issue.  A few day's later this arrived!  

Copplestone simply sent the missing pack, not asking for the return of the pack sent in error etc.

All I can say is thank you Copplestone!  Excellent customer service well above and beyond the expected level.  

Anyway, I'll be painting these chaps up in the next week or two ready to take into battle.  They look splendid.  Great sculpts, well cast with minimal flash and beautiful crisp details.

The standard bearers don't come with flag poles so I'll have to pick up some brass rods next time I'm at the model store.  I normally have some knocking about but I appear to have run out.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing these painted up especially if you paint them as well as your earlier force. The sculpts look absolutely fantastic, and as you say Copplestone Castings are very good indeed. Hopefully you'll do some WIP shots?

  2. I could do some WIPs is suppose. I'll try and remember to. :)

  3. Great looking minis, scuplt seems very nice...and beautiful core force!