Friday, 20 September 2013

Warband Orcs vs Dwarves

So things are progressing well with the development of the Warband rules, and so i thought i'd post up a playtest battle. I've now completed two full armies (Orcs and Dwarves) so its a chance to play games in their full glory.  Here's a brief after action report.  (Apologies for the poor photos, it was a hectic evening's gaming and I only had my ropey old camera with me).

Note: the figures are 10mm scale Pendraken from their excellent fantasy ranges.

So the battle begins with the orcs (left) opting for no terrain, and the dwarves (right) placing three small hils to try and anchor their flanks.  

The orc chieftain arrays his battle line with his centre mixed with foot warriors and archers, the west flank (far) held by wolf riders, and the east flank dominated by a unit of ogres and giants.    

The smaller but higher quality dwarf army faces the goblins with a solid front line of iron-clad warriors and berserkers.   Their east flank is held by a unit of boulder elementals (facing the goblins' giants).  To the far west flank (far), two units of archers face off against the goblin wolf riders.

The opening moves are faltering for both armies, as the various units struggle to advance.  The dwarf spell-smiths hammer their magic anvils and call forth a second unit of boulder elementals, and spend the rest of the battle keeping these granite brutes animated and under control.

The dwarves push forwards, and the orcs come out to meet them in the centre.

The dwarf warriors crash into the centre of the goblin line...

....and a grinding engagement drags on for the rest of the battle...

...with both sides fighting, falling back, and storming back into the fray.

On the east flank, the giants and boulder elementals finally engage and the ground shakes as these powerful foes batter each other senseless.  Eventually, the giants gain the upper hand and force the rock monsters into a retreat.

On the west flank, the dwarves form a broken line to fend off the goblin wolf riders, with some success.  Both sides fight to a standstill. 

By the mid phase of the battle both sides were mauled and close to breaking across their whole line.  With gaps appearing the Orc Chieftain dives into the melee only to be battered and routed.  His wavering army, seeing their chief fleeing, break and leave the field to the victorious dwarves.  Huzzah!

All told, an excellent battle that went right down to the wire.  

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