Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Something a lot more orc...

A while ago I posted up some figures related to some rules (provisionally entitled 'Warband') I've been working on for a while.

Well, having been mired play-testing for a few months, and of course the usual variety of other projects, distractions, and the petty annoyances of 'real life' this week I finally finished the first of the armies.

These rules use 100x50mm bases with 10mm figures - in this case almost entirely Pendraken's excellent fantasy orcs.

I'll let the photos do most of the rest of the work.

Here's the army in all it's glory.

The army commander with his command advisors (or what passes for such in an orc army) and his persona shamans casting some defensive spells and oracles.

The army's shamanic council crackling with blue magical energy.

Wolf riders ready to scout ahead of the horde.

Boar riders!  Perhaps the orc general's kinfolk or nobles?

Archers with (very) short bows.

And a series of warrior units, with a variety of weapons.  First up the halberdiers ready to deal out some pain, bring down enemy horsemen and chop their way through heavy armour.

Then some warriors with mixed weapons - the bulk of most orc armies.

To make recording hits more tidy I've used Minibits excellent 'dice herder' dice frames.

The shamans have managed to conjure up a variety of unpleasant looking creatures to fight for the orc commander. 

And finally, a staggering mob of ogres and giants that fight for the orcs in return for first pickings when it comes to eating the enemy dead.  The center figure is an ancient Citadel troll I had languishing in a box somewhere looking for something to do...

Next up...the dwarves to take these chaps on.


  1. Really like those bases! Nice collection!

  2. Just got my copy of Warband and starting to plan armies. Really like your basing method any chance of a talk through it.
    Richard P

  3. Hi Richard, glad you like it! What would you like to know?

  4. Hi, what is the scatter on the base some sort of gravel? Also what colour paints have you used for the MDF base and the gravel?

  5. Ah right. OK. Well the base colour is Halfords brown spray from their 'camouflage' paint range here: http://luddite1811.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/seven-years-war-with-maurice-part-two.html

    The basing gravel is actually a bit of a mix and blend, with basing gravel from various sources, mixed in with some actual rough builder's gravel pilfered from the side of the road. It changes over time so the stuff that looks a bit more 'orange' has a fair bit of Games Workshop basing sand in it. that darker brown has a lot of real dirt in it. I don't paint this after application, but just add some static grass.

  6. Great thanks for the info, I hope mine will look as good as yours.

  7. No worries Richard, and i've no doubt your warband will look excellent! I'm looking forwards to seeing it. :)

  8. The Orcs are great! How about some pics of that Dwarf army? I like the stunties.

  9. I'm painting a new dwarf army at the moment. I'll post them up when it's done, so keep an eye out. :)

  10. Hello, I would like to know if you could have some painted pendraken hobgoblins for sale. If so, I would be interested in them. Could you mail me at rafaelferrerclaver@yahoo.es
    Thanks a lot,

  11. The ogre's are particularly well done.