Wednesday, 26 September 2012

In the grim Darkness of the Far Future there is only Mad Max meets Judge Dredd, or...Adventures in the Underhive

After many years apart, I've been drawn back into the Games Workshop fold, sort of at least.  Actually since Warhammer Historical (now laid to rest) produced such gems as Legends of the Old West, I suppose its not been that long...ahem...I'm rambling.

No, so, I've been drawn into a little side project planned to hit our table in 2013; Necromunda.  This gem of a sci-fi skirmish game really is something that Games Workshop did well all those years ago.  We're going retro too, eschewing the latest sleek 'Underhive' version of the rules for the somewhat clunky original version.

So anyway, I'll be running a Delaque gang through the brutal toxic sumps, and general grimy decrepitude and decay of the hopeless realms of the Necromundan Underhive.  The old GW figures haven't really stood the test of time, so I've trawled around the various suppliers for interesting looking figures to use.

My gang leader is going to be this fine filly from the 'pirates and spacefarers' range from Hasslefree.
I have a few miniatures from Hasslefree and they are undoubtedly excellent sculpts of top quality.  However, they are 'true 28mm' figures, not the all too common 'Heroic' sculpts, which can cause some issues when mixing with other ranges.  However, how could I resist this lovely model?!

To that I've added the following as a 'juve' (or young ganger).
This is a beautiful mini, brooding and full of character.  I'm planning to do a bit of conversion work on her, but to be honest I think she'll hit the table unspoiled.

I also got distracted and ordered this chap too...
I'm unsure what I'll use him for in the gang, but I liked his attitude.

To bulk out the main fighters, or 'gangers', I've gone for some of the excellent Pig Iron Kolony Rebel Infantry figures.
And to give a bit of variety and some special weapon options I also supplemented these with Kolony Feral Specialists.
To supplement the 'Juve' contingent of the gang, I've ordered a few of the East Riding Miniatures 'Slicks'.

I think they're 25mm so slightly smaller, but that's fine as they're supposed to be kids...

I've also supplemented them with a couple of the lovely Heresy 'sci-fi gang' figures.
I'll probably do a bit of tweaking on these as they'll be my plasma gunners.

So, overall, i'm looking forwards to lavishing a bit of time and effort on these to try and tie them together as a cohesive gang.  I'll let you know how it goes...

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