Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Very British Civil War - the War Comes to Durham - The Battle at Lowe's Barn Bank

Following the debacle with the fight for the king's brother that wasn't at Ryton Grange, the authorities at Chopwell have become increasingly frustrated with the successes that the forces of Lord Lambton seem to be having, particularly in handing out six of the best to the Chopwell forces.

So the Communists turn their attention to forging a road into Lambton's territory around Durham and the attack comes down the road from Broompark, through the Stonebridge junction and up Lowe's Barn Bank.  The intention is to take the crossroads on the hill, just south of the site of the Wars of the Roses Battle of Neville's Cross.

Unfortunately, Lambton's pickets on the ridge, have spotted the advancing Communists and hastily called up their reserves camped on the other side of the ridge down Potter's Bank.  So the battle begins with Lambton's Hounds pouring down the hill at the Communists mustering around the Stonebridge Inn.

The Hounds take up position.

Including one of Lambton's priceless Rolls Royce armoured cars blocking the road.

The Chopwell forces muster at Stonebridge, well supported with their dashing 'Cossacks' and treasured Mk.II tank.

They open proceedings and push forwards to the Stonebridge Inn and across the river.  

Meanwhile, up at the top of Lowe's Barn Bank, Lambton's armoured car suffers a bit of a mishap, probably from the low quality diesel they'd managed to scrounge up to keep the jalopies running, and sputters to an undignified halt.

Emboldened, the Chopwell militia storm forwards to unleash a shower of Molotov Cocktails onto the stricken vehicle, forgetting that the machine-gun was still operational.  The results were predictable!

Struggling through the fields, both sides made little headway, and the Chopwell Cossack cavalry charge , supported by 'Red Hat' infantry was cut down, despite the Communist tank, lurking behind the Stonebridge Inn attempting to 'soften up' Lambton's mercenaries and estate militia.  the tank crew's caution was well founded as Lambton's forces had an elephant gun in their line ready to take down the armoured behemoth.

As the ammunition ran out, the battle petered to a halt and both sides withdrew to lick their wounds...a definate stalemate.  Chopwell will need to find another way into Durham.

Another jolly fun and very British game, characterised by mechanical breakdowns, ammunition shortages, inept troops pot-shotting each other through hedgerows, and a disastrous cavalry charge.

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