Saturday, 25 March 2017

Blitzkrieg Commander III

Well, its been a long hard slog this one.  For many months now I've been working with the amazing folks over at Pendraken, helping them with their update of the Blitzkrieg Commander rules.

It's been a privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the journey of this "series", and as ever its always a joy to work, play, (and spend money) with Pendraken.  

If 10mm gaming is your thing, check them out.

And of course, if WWII is your thing, check out BkCIII on its release!


The pre-order message gives a bit more information about the rules.

And they're now available as a pdf!!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Warband - Taurians

I've got a fair few Warband armies sat in their bags, languishing in a bare metal state so I'm trying to push on and get them painted up.  The first on the table are the Taurians.  

These wonderful little chaps are an army of brutal mariors that love riddles, labyrinths, bright colours and patterns so I've tried to paint them with lots of brightly coloured body paint.

I've managed to finish the Minotaurs so far, and the Cantaurs will be next.

OK, so, here's the goodies...

Here are all the units together; the army's Chieftain, the Shamanic council, and 4 Minotaur warrior units.

Here's the chieftain with his personal guard and a couple of loyal shamans to back him up.


The shamanic council, drawing their mystical powers from the sacred bronze head icons.

And the warrior mobs.  These are wild, Bacchanalian, rampant and fierce war fighters daub themselves with flashy paint to lend a more fearsome aspect to their already pretty terrifying "stampede" war-tactic.

As ever these Pendraken miniatures are a joy to paint.  Clean with minimal flash, no miscasts, and crisp clear details that make a decent paintjob easy to achieve, even at the 10mm scale.