Thursday 14 September 2023

Ogres Galore!

For over a year now I’ve been playing the excellent One Page Rules Grimdark Future rules and continue to do so, especially now that the 3rd edition of those rules have been released.  But lately we’ve expanded our games into a bit of fantasy skirmishing using One Page Rules Age of Fantasy Skirmish rules.

So, I’ve been digging around in on the northern face of the Lead Mountain, plucking out a few small collections of as yet unused miniatures and getting them painted ready for use on the tabletop.  We’re on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, what with summer holidays and a few other disruptions, and I’ll be away next week so it looks like it’ll be early October before I can get these chaps into battle.

I found a sizable box of ogres, which I’d already made a start on for Warcry. However, I dug out the infantry and put them together.  This was actually a bit of a struggle as their previous owner had done some weird kitbashing with greenstuff and odd bits glued on here and there.  So, I returned them to the models as intended as best I could and laid down a basic paint job.

For me, ogres live brutal lives and so they should be carrying injuries, bruises, and broken bones, as well as big rusty, blood-stained weapons. 

I do also have a big mammoth model thing, but its really poorly built and is going to need some serious fixing.  I tried to deconstruct it, but as well as being poorly bult it’s also been soaked in plastic glue so bits are seriously melted together.  I will get round to it sometime, I think.  But in the meantime, I also found a dragon ogre, which I’ve built and undercoated.  It may be on the painting schedule soon.

Anyway, here’s the bloodied clan for now.

Its a hard knock life being an ogre foot soldier

He's the boss because he has a tattoo and two weapons for bashing.

I use this one as the magic user, with his totemic skull staff.

Every tribe needs a banner.
They're tricky to keep clean amid all the carnage though.

Every army needs some artillery support.

Always useful to have a pet goblin around...

The dragon ogre needs a bit of paint.

Edit: Last night I finished off the dragon ogre. Not including drying time, this took about 65-70 minutes, so not too bad.

Now then, I've had this model on the table for a few weeks and I'd been thinking about a green colour scheme, along the lines of the troll I'd painted with the goblins.  However, as this is a dragon OGRE, I think it'll see most play alongside the ogres.  A green colour scheme is an entirely different palette, so with a brief bit of thought, I decided to switch to a warmer, red/brown palette to match in with the ogres general theme and tone.

I'm fairly happy with the result.


  1. Terrific work, Luddite. Those ogres look absolutely superb, and what a cracking posting to put up. Lovely work all round, from the bruises to the tattoos. Glad to see you're enjoying OPR too - I own it. But have yet to play it.

    1. Thank you sir. And if you haven't played OPR, now is the time. Its the only game I'm playing at the moment.