Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Warband: Red Mountain Hill Dwarves

With Warband released for a while now, and my figures sat awaiting my attention, today I made a start on the first 'live' (i.e. non-playtest) army.

It's a warband of hill dwarves from the Red Mountain clan.

Here are a few 'wirk in progress' shots of the first unit - the general himself.  I'd toyed with assembling the figures on the base before painting but decided to go the traditional route and painted the little fellows on sticks.  

I then glued them onto the base in phases to make applying the basing and flock easier.

The figures clipped and cleaned.  I always end up taking a lot of lead off the figures bases.

I converted some of Pendraken's older range hill dwarfe spearment into banner bearers.  

Glued to the skicks and spray undercoated brown, they're ready for the paint.  As this stage I actually still haven't decided on a colour scheme.  Something sort of brown and white i'm thinking...

And then...the red goes on.  So i guess i'm painting them red and white now.  OK, so,  well...the 'Red Mountain Clan' is born.

The big cheese himself.  As yet unnamed king.

Figures done, the basing begins.  They go on in phases to make getting the grit and flock between the figures easier.

And finally the grass...

There's still a bit to do; four flags for a start, but the ground is broken with the first unit pretty much done.

In Warband terms, this will be an exceptional commander with the shieldwall special ability.


  1. That is a brilliant little vignette! So very tempted by 10mm stuff, liking these posts a great deal :)

  2. Nice one.
    Stupidly, I didn't consider basing the figures up in batches.

  3. Looks great.
    I don't recognise the rock creatures. Are they from new from Pendraken?

  4. Yes i believe they're part of Pendraken's revamped ranges.

  5. Very impressive (I have sent the pic to friends - we run regular Warmaster games and the new Pendraken rules / figures are making an impression). I do like the idea of a Dwarf Shieldwall - and you have pulled this off very well.


    1. Glad to hear you're impressed with Warband sir. :) Let me know how it goes.

      Thanks for the compliments too. The thing with Warband is that you can pretty much do what you like and the basing allows so much freedom to produce your own unique units. I'm just trying various things out. This unit seems to have worked quite well. I'm happy with it at least.