Friday, 4 March 2016

Warband Tournament Milton Keynes 7th May 2016

Milton Keynes Wargames Society are running a Warband event 7th-8th May this year.  

I think it looks like it could well be a lot of fun so I intend to make the long journey south to take part.

Individual entry

Rules: Pendraken’s ‘Warband’ rules, with errata and FAQ from Pendraken Website.

Points: 500AP

Terrain: players to provide to suit army and Generals points.

Lists: From any of the 12 official book lists (with amended Vampire Lord points from forum errata).

Figures: should be 10/12mm and on 100mm X 50mm bases, and painted to a reasonable standard. Proxy figures are allowed, as long as they are made clear to both your opponent and it made clear as to what the represent.

Timings9:00 -12:00 then 1:00 to 4:00 both days.
Presentation 4:30 Sunday only.

Taking place in Middleton Hall, Milton Keynes. More details here. 

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